such a beautiful BLUE

I have been to Australia.

It was soooo GOOD!!


Such a beautiful sea. I love this picture's BLUE.


What color do you like?


I like white, red, blue, yellow… Lots of colors!!

I can't decide! haha


I'm happy,because i can see many colors by my eyes.

Don't you think so?


Yay! Yay!



today's music【super hottest!!】

THE DRUMS : Let's Go Surfing






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    ともすけ (木曜日, 03 2月 2011 23:20)

    Lovely sea!
    ILove sea!! from mind is healed.
    I wonder if from the clear blue of the sea?

    I love pink, gold, white and purple.

    Ayu hoops it became like orange or yellow even after it is born from the will.

    I wonder if the color represents the feelings?

    Yes!! Yes!

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    kana-art-rabbit (金曜日, 04 2月 2011 23:45)


    Thank you for you message.
    hahaha!! That's sounds intersting! Awesome!!
    the color is your feelings. your baby is like a sunny!

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